austin by Design


The Austin chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) holds an annual conference to gather industry professionals from multiple disciplines together with vendors with whom they frequently collaborate. Drawing interior designers, architects, construction professionals and vendors of everything from flooring to lighting together drives industry insights and networking.


Austin ASID had been suffering from lackluster event branding and marketing, especially compared to counterparts in Dallas and Houston. The group came to Merrygood with a simple and specific goal: increase conference attendance by 25%. Armed with a new look and feel, Austin ASID hoped to elevate the event, attract top-notch speakers, encourage sponsorships, and entice more industry professionals to attend.

We tackled branding and visual identity for the event, covering everything from email invites to event programs and posters. The challenge was to appeal to a variety of disciplines within the interior design community:
designers, architects, construction folks, and vendors.


Merrygood unified the conference brand with visual elements common across varying conference attendees, like floor plans and paint strokes. These foundational elements of the design industry offered a wonderful metaphor for the educational content of the conference.

The brand was further refined in two distinct email invites with a strategic focus on providing details and relaying incentives in an effort to increase attendance. Posters and programs waiting for guests upon arrival completed the brand experience from invite to event.


The new look helped ASID elevate the event across all of their goals. The group dramatically increased sponsorships and gained two new underwriters, attracted nationally known designer, Christopher Kennedy as a speaker, and pumped up attendance by at least 25%. The look and feel was such an improvement and so loved by the ASID team, they plan to use it long-term to build upon the traction they’ve gained.