Tiffstreats.com Site Redesign

When you're in the warm cookie delivery business, you want your site to be as appealing as your goods. So when Tiffany Chen of Tiff's treats approached us to redesign their site, we jumped at the chance. Partnering with development company Adaptdev, we were able to bring their cookies to life. The process involved a pinch of creative vision, a dash of strategic know-how, and of course — lots of cookie research. (there was lots of taste testing involved.)


  • A photography vision imagined and art directed to life took Tiff's Treats to the next level.
  • A redesigned visual style that seamlessly ties in the in-store aesthetic. 
  • A reimagined ordering process that organizes complicated logistics and presents a simple, streamlined experience.
  • Since the site's launch, Tiff's Treats landed an eleven-million dollar deal to launch new stores nation-wide.
  • The new site has seen a notable increase of online traffic and most importantly, online sales.