Tiff's Treats is a warm cookie delivery company headquartered in Austin, Texas. They have several locations in major cities throughout Texas and Georgia and continue to grow.

Merrygood was asked to take a look at Tiff's Treats 100+ page internal "Point of Sale" system and make improvements in user experience that would save their employees time, confusion and stress.  

The Team at Tiff's Treats use the POS system for a number of tasks like handling call-in or walk-in orders, close of business tasks and employee documentation. We spoke with key stakeholders at the company to understand their pain points and to identify areas we could improve. Our approach was to provide a visually cleaner interface while also introducing new functionality and streamlined content organization both in the site map and in the individual pages of the site. Our end goal was to create a common sense system that enabled Tiff's Treats employees to accomplish common internal tasks quickly and simply. 

A big component of this system us the in-store ordering process. Tiff's Treats locations are each equipped with kitchens and serve as a home base for their drivers to pick up and deliver the tasty treats. However, customers can also walk into a location and place an order in person. To streamline this experience, we created a Quick Walk-in system catered to products that are available on a grab-and-go basis in-store. We created a hierarchy of content based on the commonality of the products ordered and created large buttons for ease of use on a touch screen. Overlays like "Would you like custom packaging?" remind the employee to suggest an up-sell. And the limited menu allowed the purchase experience for the customer to be fast and efficient.

Call-in orders are also available for customers and occur on a regular basis through the Tiff's Treats call center. For call center employees, we created a process similar to the online orders, but made a few adjustments for efficiency. Unlike the typical customer who orders online from Tiff's Treats, the employees in the call center go through the online ordering process dozens of times each day. So there were certain efficiencies we could make for them to help save time. For instance we removed the images on the menu to consolidate the page and reduce scrolling. Because the call center is handling multiple orders a day, this can also equate to multiple tabs displaying within their browser window. To help make multi-tasking a breeze, especially with a customer on the phone, we created a bold callout that appeared globally at the top of each page that included the order basics like the name of who was placing the order and the order type (new or existing) Also for call-in customers with existing accounts, we created an easy "find existing customer" tab to enable Tiff's call center employees to quickly look up previous orders and save them from re-entering information that was already in the system like the customer's name, address and phone number.

When a customer calls the call center, many times it's because they want to place an order for multiple deliveries. As an added complexity, many customers also request for different flavor groupings within each box. (for instance chocolate chip and sugar cookies in one box, peanut butter, snickerdoodle and oatmeal in another) Did that just make you hungry? You're welcome. In the past, the call center would note this in a "special instructions" text box that represented the entire order, and their notations weren't always clear to the kitchen staff. To solve for this, we created the "Sweet Sorter" a visual that groups images of each cookie flavor together in boxes and provides a clear reference to both the call center and the kitchen noting what flavor goes in what box.

For other managerial tasks like employee documentation, creating specials for the menu and closing down the store, we organized information in categories and included visual icons wherever possible to ensure the page was easy to scan. We also added conversational "first" and "next" step-by-step instructions to help employees navigate the task at hand. 

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